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Is it legal for me to trap a bat in Illinois?

Is it legal to trap a bat in Illinois?

Bat control is a specialty service. If you have a colony of bats in your home or building, we will professionally take care of the problem. We offer these bat removal services:
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We can solve any problem/conflict with bats, from a single bat inside your house, to a huge colony of thousands of bats in your attic.
Is it legal to trap a Illinois bat? People are becoming increasingly ignorant about wild animals and their ecological system and requirements. Nowadays people ludicrously keep certain animals as pets without concerning with the consequences of the act. Keeping exquisite animals such as cheetah, lion, and falcons is common practice now and people take pride in showing off their possessions and showing affection to them.

Although it’s not morally or ethically wrong to keep a Illinois bat for certain purposes; research and rehabilitation of injured or disabled bats, but one must be familiar with the laws related to bats. The law is crystal clear that it is illegal to capture, injure or kill any bat species, or disturb or damage their roost. Bats are not exactly the petting kind of animals, with few of their species on the verge of extinction and in dire need of protection, it implies why it is important for one to be in one’s legal boundaries to capture or “trap” a bat.

Bats are legally protected by, both domestic and international legislations. Wildlife and Country Side Act (1981), the Countryside and Rights of way act (2000) and Conservations (Natural Habitat &c) Regulations 1994 are some of these acts. However, a situation may arise when one unintentionally needs to look-after a bat; possible scenario includes finding an injured or lost bat somewhere. In such a case, it is probably best to cater to it first and then take it to the nearest animal shelter hospital before notifying the authorities in your neighborhood. In the case of purchasing and keeping a bat as a pet, one must file a proper petition and appeal to the appropriate authorities for the legal ownership of it. In absence of such a license, possessing or deliberately damaging or obstructing access to a bat roost is illegal.

It is, however, not illegal if a bat may be living in your house without your knowledge. In that case, one must inform Animal Control promptly, to get rid of the bat from your home and relocate it to a well suited environment for better adaptability and survival of the bats. If you are in knowledge of another person possessing a bat without legal permission, you must report him to the authorities or be party to the crime. If you find such a reprobate, a better approach is to take photographs of the offender’s face and the equipment used by him as a proof.

You must probably be thinking why it is important for gaining legal permission to own a bat? It lies in the concept of keeping harmony and poise in the society. If certain laws are not enforced, people may do what so ever they please, leaving no room for control and equity. It is harmful not only to the bat species itself but to the law-breakers, exposing them to potential diseases.
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