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Accurate Pest & Wildlife Removal is a Chicago raccoon removal and pest control business. Raccoons tend to cause these problems:
  • Raccoons living in attic
  • Raccoons living in the chimney
  • Raccoon tipping garbage cans
  • Raccoon stealing pet food
  • Raccoons threatening or killing pets
  • Raccoons breaking into house
We can solve any problem/conflict with raccoons. We not only trap raccoons, we offer a full line of complete solutions for wildlife problems.

Raccoons are a very common nuisance problem here in Chicago. They frequently enter homes in search of a safe place to live or raise their young. They will often rip a hole right in the roof in order to gain access to an attic. They also commonly tear open soffits (eaves) and other parts of houses. They are very strong. They are also opportunistic, and will live in a chimney or the walls of a house. Often, it's a female raccoon that is the culprit - she's looking for a place to have and raise young. Raccoons cause quite a bit of damage in addition to noise, and they can spread parasites and diseases that pets and even people can contract. They may be cute, but they can also be dangerous.

We humanely trap and remove raccoons, and relocate them. We fix the damage that they have caused, and clean up the mess that they make. If you have a problem with a Chicago coon, don't ignore it - we can take care of it!

Raccoon in the chimney - You shouldn't be surprised to find a raccoon in the chimney. Most homes go through a period of inactivity with fireplaces, so the chimney open and exposed is a prime location for a raccoon to climb into. The thing about chimneys is that most of the have textured interiors, and the raccoon is a good enough climber that it has no issue getting up and down the shaft. Most raccoon that sneak into homes are ones looking for a place to give birth and raise their family. For this reason, if you find a raccoon climbing in and out of your chimney, don't start a fire. There are likely baby raccoons on top of the damper and starting a fire will sentence them to a long, horrible death-by-fire. When it comes to raccoons, the chimney is one of the easiest places to get them out of. All you need to do is attach a special trap to the top of the flu while the adult is inside the shaft. You then use a long pole to scare her up and into the trap. Once the adult is out of the way, you can reach a gloved hand over the damper and pull out the babies.

How to keep raccoons out of my garbage cans? Trash or garbage is of no use for us, but it is actually a treat or meal for someone else especially wild animals. Raccoons are included in animals, which are actually infamous for eating almost everything, which you throw at them because they can eat almost all the food items mainly because of the fact that they are omnivorous. In simple words everything, which you will consider as garbage or useless can appear as a decent edible for the raccoons and because of this reason people in cities often complain that they get irritated with the frequent visits which raccoons pay to their houses especially garbage cans. So, the big question, which arises, is that how to keep raccoons out of my garbage cans? In case you also want answer to this particular question, then keep on reading this article because it will provide some useful information related with some procedures that can be used for keeping the raccoons away from the garbage cans.

The best defense that you can adopt is to make sure that trash can, should be sealed in such a manner that it can become inaccessible for the animal. You should prefer to purchase a trash can made up of metal and a lid that can provide proper protection. You should keep in mind that trash cans, which are made up of plastic come with screws, which can be used for securing the lid, but plastic cans are not considered as ideal options.

You should secure trash cans with proper clamps or locking systems and in case you donít have locking system present, then take benefit from chain and locks because raccoons are not that much intelligent to pick locks. In this manner your trash can, will turn into an inaccessible target for them.

You can place a rock or any other heavy item upon trash canís top. The main problem, which you can face with this approach, is that item is going to be very heavy. In case household members are facing troubles in lifting up the rock, then you will have to make another strategy. The point, which is important and should be kept in mind is heavy item should be such that members of household can handle it easily.

You can spray ammonia towards the interior of trashcan. The main concept is that ammonia smells like urine to raccoons and they consider it extremely offensive. Alternatively you can also station cloths soaked in ammonia inside the trash can. You can also use ammonia by spraying it in other areas where raccoons pay frequent visits this will keep them away.

Raccoon repellents can be sprinkled on area surrounding trash can this will push the animal away.

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