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Squirrels are one of the most common nuisance wildlife species that we deal with. Most of the time, we remove squirrels from attics, where they cause these problems:
  • Noise from scampering around
  • Chewing on electrical wires
  • Chewing on woodwork or drywall
  • Bringing in nesting material
  • Baby squirrels fall down walls

We can solve any problem/conflict with squirrels. We not only trap them, but we offer a full line of complete solutions for squirrel problems.

The Eastern Gray Squirrel is a very common suburban animal, and very successful, coast to coast. The female squirrels have two litters per year - one in August, and one in February. Within a month or so of birth, the young are large enough to run around. Squirrels love to chew their way into attics in order to have a safe place to give birth and raise their juvenile squirrels. Because they have two litters per year, these break-ins are common, and squirrels in the attic abound in Chicago. We humanely remove all the squirrels, and the young, and we seal up your home so that no more squirrels can ever enter the house again.

We also frequently deal with squirrels that have either fallen down a chimney or are living in the chimney (able to climb in and out). We solve this problem in much the same manner as we do squirrels in the attic.

Squirrel stuck in wall - It's not common for a squirrel to be stuck in a wall in Chicago. These animals are very agile and flexible, and climbing into tight spaces is something they do best. If you are hearing sounds inside the wall, it is probably just the squirrel chewing or scratching at the material. Like all rodents, squirrels need to chew constantly to keep their teeth at a reasonable level. Failure to do this would result in the inability to eat properly. Even loud squeaks and squeals are not usually a cause for alarm. The squirrels will squabble with one another. If the sounds continue for a few hours and sound distressed, then it is possible that the squirrel is stuck or injured. If this is the case, and you want to rescue the animal, the best thing you can do is call a professional. Homeowners are not always prepared to open up a wall and then handle a sick or trapped animal. Squirrels can and will bite when frightened. To help the animal, you will have to reach in and assist it. Without the proper protective gear, this will open you up to all sorts of potential injuries. While the wildlife removal company as at your home, it would be a good time to ask them for tips on how to keep squirrels out.

Hello David, I tried to contact your recommended professional dqpest control for Chicago area. I am in Oak Forest, and he says that my area is out of his service area. I was thinking of hiring roofers to close all the holes and maybe attach a exclusion trap to the biggest one if I can find it, or just closing all the holes in general if I think the squirrels are all out during the day. Is this a workable idea, and do you know of another company that I can contact? Thanks, James

My response: I often hesitate to tell people to trap or use a one-way door themselves, because I see many amateur jobs that go bad. But if you've got a simple case that you are confident you can solve yourself, I buy my one-way exclusion doors and repeater traps from Seal all holes but the main hole, then bolt the one-way door on the main hole. It's pretty easy, to be honest. That's my best recommendation for squirrel removal in Chicago

Thanks do much David for your reply! I have a high roof and sofits covered with aluminum siding where they may have gotten in, so will have to depend on my roofers to do a good inspection, can't really see anything from the ground myself at this point. Also, which exclusion trap from that site do you recommend for Chicago squirrel trapping? I have grey squirrels.

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