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Accurate Pest & Wildlife Removal is a professional skunk removal and pest control business based out of south Chicago IL. Skunks cause the following problems:
  • Skunk living under porch or shed
  • Skunk odor during winter mating season
  • Skunk fallen down window well
  • Skunk in basement
We can solve any problem/conflict with skunks, and we offer odor control services as well. We can install exclusion barriers to keep skunks out.

How to Get Rid of Skunk Odor: Don't bother with tomato juice, that doesn't work. The best way to clean your dog (or yourself) of skunk odor is with a mixture of 1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. Mix these together, and bathe the dog or yourself. We can also provide skunk odor relief in a large area with our BioShield spray machine.

Read more about if it's legal for you to trap a skunk here.

Hello – I had a query – we have found out that Cook County Animal Control does not deal with Wildlife – but the issue is not on our property – but a vacant house next door to us that seems to be home to skunks. We live in Chicago. Would the township have to request your services? Or would we, the neighbors have to foot the bill to have traps set up to get rid of them? The house has been vacant for at least two years. We're in the process of having the township deal with the unkempt yard and the junk that the skunks are probably hiding under – but the stench is so bad and now that our dogs have been sprayed (and are terrified to go out) – we can't use our backyard. (I would say we smell skunk almost daily). I appreciate any information you can give. Sincerely, Cat

Hey I have been having a skunk problem pass few days and I have 2 dogs one of which that was sprayed found a solution online to help rid of smell but skunk is still around how do I get rid of I am not into harming our killing animals no matter what. Is there anyone I can call to vine and relocate it before we have a serious problem. Can you please give me an estimate for skunk removal? We are in the NE Wichita area and a family of skunks (7 have been witnessed) is living under my neighbor's deck (we think). This house is for sale and has been empty so the skunk family remains undisturbed, free to wander the yards and patios of the nearby residents. They are visible most evenings as they dig for grubs and occasionally spray a dog.

Chicago Skunk Control News Clip: Striped Skunk catch continues in South Chicago

SOUTH CHICAGO - An organized Striped Skunk cage trap catch arranged to reduce over biologically surveyed amount in the area will continue on certain private properties until April 15. So far, 10 Striped Skunk have been lethally trapped. Wildlife administrator Critter Pro Pete stated Striped Skunk damage permits have been given for 17 properties in the village, mainly in the northeast and northwest areas of the village. Striped Skunk damage permits have been concerned for properties in South Chicago. the pest operator stated the critter catching generally takes place at the rear of large properties. Critter Officer Oscar, this longtime member of the NE Illinois Animal trapper's Association with over 46 years of experience critter catching, helped work with the village to organize the catch. The group should be comprised of 14 critter trappers. They buried two dead Striped Skunk that were found while critter catching. the pest operator stated these two appeared to be malnourished and sickly. Critter Officer Oscar stated the pest operator and his fellow critter trappers are processing all of the Striped Skunk meat themselves and are willing to give away any surplus meat. So far, the pest operator added, there hasn't been any surplus. Critter Officer Oscar stated the Striped Skunk harvest in and around South Chicago has to take place, and that the pest operator recently counted about 90 Striped Skunk during this 20-minute tour of the village. Critter Officer Oscar also stated the critter catching on college property stopped March 17. This issue should be an important matter in South Chicago wildlife removal and South Chicago exterminator matters.

He hopes to be able to continue with the Striped Skunk harvest in years to come. "If we do get the Striped Skunk biologically surveyed amount under control in two or three years time, if the biologically surveyed amount keeps growing, they will continue to move in," the pest operator stated. "Striped Skunk are creatures of habit. They know it's this safe place." Critter Pro Pete stated the pest operator thinks the organized catch will have to continue in the coming years. the pest operator stated the village legal group unanimously voted to approve the animal capture, which will take place on village properties whose owners have given permission. "I think the vast majority of people in the village support the animal capture, but there are some people who feel very strongly against it, and they've spoken out," the pest operator stated. Critter Pro Pete stated the game warden has requested the village to put this halt to the catch from April 15 until August. this few residents leveled complaints at legal group and the administration at the village legal group organized hearing in March. They not only spoke against the animal capture, but stated they were not properly informed about when and where it would be taking place. Snake Charmer Charles, who apologized for the communication problem, stated the pest operator has received only one complaint about it since that organized hearing. The South Chicago animal control had no additional statements to make on the topic.

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