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Chicago Bird and Pigeon Control & Animal Pest Removal

Chicago Bird and Pigeon Removal

Accurate Pest & Wildlife Removal is a professional bird and pigeon removal and pest control business based out of south Chicago IL. We offer the following bird control services:
  • Bird Trapping & Removal
  • Installation of Bird Deterrents like Spikes
  • Seal up, Netting and other Prevention
  • Removal of Birds in Buildings
  • Bird Waste Cleanup
We can solve almost any problem/conflict with birds and pigeons, from small jobs to large projects.

Our bird and pigeon control services most commonly consist of two types of jobs:

1) Removal of random birds from buildings, such as a bird that fell down a chimney, or a bird stuck inside a building.

2) Pigeon prevention jobs involving the installation of preventative devices such as bird spikes in order to keep pigeons from roosting in unwanted areas.

We handle many types of nuisance bird situations, and know that as with any large city, there is a Chicago pigeon problem. We can rid your property - store sign, beams, ledges, or other architecture of these messy flying rats.

How to keep Chicago pigeons away - Pigeons are one of those goofy animals that seem too innocent to be much of a problem; however, people who live in cities can vouch for the nuisance qualities of this animal. Pigeons not only live in dirty, unkempt conditions, they have learned that survival is easiest in places where there are people. The largest issue with these birds is there inclination to roost in large numbers, leaving behind a white cover of droppings over any surface they spend too much time near. Pigeon waste is very corrosive, and can cause serious damage to buildings and infrastructure after a period of time. If that’s not worse enough to warrant elimination methods, many cities with water basins on the top of buildings will find their source polluted by dead pigeons and buckets of feces. The only way to manage the problem of nuisance pigeons is to exclude them from the desired area. Exclusion methods can mean installing mesh wire across alcoves the birds might want to roost in. Some outdoor restaurants have installed thin, wire lines overhead to discourage pigeons from harassing diners. Unfortunately, there is no good way to catch pigeons and relocate them. These birds have a fantastic homing ability and will return to their roost area from thousands of miles away.

What Scares Pigeons Away? What is your best option in a Chicago bird control company? Pigeons are a nuisance – they are noisy and messy, they are also persistent and easily encouraged by those well-meaning individuals who choose to feed them. Anyone with an infestation of these birds will, no doubt, want to know what scares pigeons away, if anything! There are a number of reasons why it is necessary to deal with roosting pigeons – their fecal matter contains uric acid which may damage the surface of buildings and vehicles, when dried this waste matter may also pose a threat to human health. Pigeons produce many tons of waste that is not only unsightly but also expensive to remove. A number of products purport to scare pigeons from their roost – models of predators, noises, scary looking eyes etc. However, while these methods may have some benefit in preventing newcomers taking up residence on your building they are unlikely to have any effects on those already present. The best methods of scaring off pigeons is either to have a bird net installed or to have shock tracks or spikes installed along the roosting areas. Shock tracks or spikes are designed to cause mild discomfort to the bird as it attempts to roost meaning it will leave the area – this method will work on existing pigeons and newcomers - that's the best approach to bird and pigeon removal in Chicago.

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