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What equipment is needed to trap an Illinois opossum?

What equipment is needed to trap an Illinois opossum?

Accurate Pest & Wildlife Removal is a professional opossum removal and pest control business based out of south Chicago IL. Possums tend to cause the following problems:
  • Possum stealing pet food
  • Possum appears threatening
  • Mother possum living in attic
  • Possum living under porch or shed
  • Dead possum on property
We can solve any problem/conflict with opossums.

There are several equipments that you can use to trap the opossums without any complications; the most important thing is to ensure that the traps are effective. The reason why these traps are effectives that once the opossum is captured using traps, he rarely returns. There are different types of traps that you can use to trap these animals:

The leg hold traps
These are traps that are commonly set on then trails that these animals will frequently use to get into and outside your property. You have to use attractive devices to lure the animals to the trap; behind the rap, you can rub anything that is likely to lure the animals towards the trap. Moreover, you have to ensure that the chain is connected to an object that is very firm to prevent it from moving. The chain has to be short in length to avoid the animals from being attracted to it. The last thing is to ensure that you clear the area around the trap which will prevent the animals from getting hurt once they are trapped. The trap is very effective in that even with a slight touch the leg of the opossum will be trapped. Frequently check on the trap to ensure that the opossum is not constrained for a long period of time because they are likely to die.

Live capture traps
They are a unique trap and an effective type too because the capture the animals quickly; they are designed in such a way that they resemble cages with either one or two door openings. They are used mostly in areas that have the highest risk of being invaded by the possums. The manner in which you set the trap will always determine the likelihood of capture of these animals. You also have to make sure that you use bait that will immediately lure the animals into the trap. In addition, the trap has to be big enough to ensure that the whole opossum is captured without leaving out any part of his body this is because the door to the cage will automatically close when the animal is in the cage. The door of the cage trap should always face the exact location that the opossums are likely to come from. On the door trap, you also have to insert a certain type of trip pin that will prevent the door from being released before the job is done. It is therefore a matter of being extra cautious and ensuring that the correct procedures are implemented. Once the animals have been captured, you have to remove them from the traps and relocate away from your home.
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