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Do Chicago rats enter a building through the plumbing?

Do Chicago rats enter a building through the plumbing?

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A thing of the horror stories, or at least highly unusual encounters certainly has to be that occasion when you heard about that time when one of your friends or relatives raised the toilet lid and found a living rat swimming inside the toilet bowl, or if you had the misfortune of this happening to you, then you are already aware of the fact that rats can in fact climb into the building thorough the plumbing pipes.

There are many cases of this happening and it should come as no surprise really. Because of the scale of our metropolitan cities that we live in and the complex sewer system, when that is couple with the excellent swimming and climbing abilities that many rats poses, it should only be a matter of time when will you encounter a rat in your toilet. However, all is not that bad, and this is mostly the case with a lot older buildings that don’t have the proper protection systems installed in order to deter the rodents from climbing in through the pipes.

Rats are of very resourceful nature, especially the black rat, which has been a carrier of fleas that have transferred the bubonic plague during the Middle Ages; this type of rat is an excellent swimmer and a climber, thriving in sewer systems, so it is one of the kinds that you could possibly expect to meet in your bathroom area. Therefore it is important to make sure that the building you are living in has installed drainage grates and valves in its plumbing system. Bear in mind that some of the rats may actually come from through the roof. Perhaps they won’t be able to climb through the pipes, but some buildings have plumbing stacks that are situated on the roof and the purpose of these systems is to connect the building to the sewers, and this is an excellent opportunity which rats can use to get in.

Even thought they might not necessarily cause the damage to the very plumbing installation by themselves, they can often take advantage of any leaks and faults in the systems and squeeze through in those areas. Be aware of any leaks in your building that can come due to the potential damaged that rats caused, the systems that run along the length of the entire building can be quite difficult to manage and fix. Therefore the best option is making sure that rats never get inside in the first place by installing the proper protection on all the possible entrances of the plumbing system that leads to the sewer. Check it regularly and address any problems that have appeared.

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