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Is it legal for me to trap a skunk in Chicago?

Is it legal for me to trap a skunk in Chicago?

Accurate Pest & Wildlife Removal is a professional skunk removal and pest control business based out of south Chicago IL. Skunks cause the following problems:
  • Skunk living under porch or shed
  • Skunk odor during winter mating season
  • Skunk fallen down window well
  • Skunk in basement
We can solve any problem/conflict with skunks, and we offer odor control services as well. We can install exclusion barriers to keep skunks out.

When you find a skunk on your property, you should be aware of how to remove it. You should not try to kill the skunk since it can have an overwhelming odor when it gets killed near your home. The best way to deal with a skunk is to trap it. It is not advisable to kill the skunk on the property of the clients and it has to be relocated to another place. To do this, there is a need to have license and permits. When the animal has to be killed, it should be done through euthanasia in the CO chamber. You should be aware that there are some kinds of skunks which are being protected by the law and it is illegal to kill them. It is always good to contact a skunk removal specialist in your area to know what the law says about how to deal with the skunks on your property.

It is normal to trap the animals and according to the federal, state and county regulation, it can be relocated or it may be euthanized. Every animal has to be treated humanely. When you get rid of the skunk, its smell will continue for some time and you may need to do the clean up and this may include deodorization.

When you have a skunk, it is not going to be subtle and it may leave the trail that the nose is no going to miss. The scent is normally is what you will notice first. You may also know that you have a skunk when you find holes in your garden or other places. The skunks can also make some noise at night.

If you want to trap a skunk, you can use a gravity door traps: the gravity closing door as its name suggests is based on the pull of the gravity in closing the trap when the trap has been sprung. When the door had reached the final destination, the locking mechanism is going to engage so that the animal is not going to push its way out. A spring loaded door trap can be spring loaded since the door is manipulated so that it can be opened again.

It is advisable to call for professionals to get rid of the skunk. They will help you to get rid of the skunk and they will keep them out of your home and they will help you to get rid of the mess. It is risky to have skunk on your property because they are carriers of rabies, distemper, mites, fleas and ticks. You have to be careful when you trap the skunks since even if they are normally passive, when they feel that they are threatened, they can attack. However, the threat of the skunk is mostly the smell.

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